q: how does the sizing work?

a: everything fits true to size unless otherwise noted. we do our best to estimate the sizes of some of our upcycled items.

q: can i order something customized?

a: short answer is yes, depending on schedule and availability of what you want. 1/1 custom tie dye orders are extremely doable but custom printed designs are only available in larger batches. 

q: do you do large tie dye batches?

a: yes! email lxixapparel (at) gmail.com for pricing/availability

q: do you ship internationally?

a: yes we ship internationally through USPS. the option to ship internationally should be available at checkout.

q: when are you making more les miserables stuff? is it even real? why is it never on your site? fuck you a little bit!

a: yes, our upcycled les mis stuff is the most popular thing we make. they typically sell out within minutes because we only release a few at a time. they are always upcycled and sourced from wherever we can find them for reasonable prices. follow us on instagram at @lxix_apparel and turn on post notifications to get notified when we will be putting some onsale. there will be a big batch available in mid january.

q: who makes this stuff?

a: all tie dyes are dyed by brian robert jones in los angeles, california