q: where is my stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

a: if you preordered an item, the estimated time of arrival should be listed in the product title or description. If you ordered something labeled "shipping immediately" in the description it should ship in a few days.

All current outstanding preorders are expected to be shipped first week of december (updated 11/11/2022)

q: how does the sizing work?

a: everything fits true to size unless otherwise noted. we do our best to estimate the sizes of some of our upcycled items.

q: fuck i ordered the wrong size. can i switch it?

a: the earlier you catch it, the more likely it i can switch it! Just reply to the email you got with your order and i'll do my best to accomodate

q: can i order something customized?

a: short answer is yes, depending on schedule and availability of what you want and if i have time to do it.

q: do you do large tie dye batches?

a: no! not anymore

q: do you sell wholesale?

a: yes! email lxixapparel@gmail.com for more info

q: do you ship internationally?

a: yes we ship internationally through USPS. the option to ship internationally should be available at checkout.

q: who makes this stuff?

a: all tie dyes are dyed by brian robert jones in los angeles, california. everything is printed in los angeles, california.